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Natty Route Mountaineering of Central Java Indonesia

Climb to Natty Mount in Central Java. Leave from Jakarta by using train Jakarta-Yogyakarta, arrive at the Yogyakarta at 09.00 morning
From Yogya use the bus of majors Semarang, descend in station of Blabak of town Magelang. then Tied on a small Car to Cobweb countryside, jointed again with the car of vegetable basin go to the countryside Klakah, is from here jointed again with the basin car to Cello. Suggested by if going to Cello, better melewati Boyolali, don't from Magelang of because its difficult is transportation
Natty come from two word " meru" what its meaning is mount, and " api" meaning mount have fire. Natty is one of mount have active fire in world. Hearing Natty name will always remember something that hirrify, this mount still be active release the smoke smell brimstone and once in a while give off the hot Iihat lava
In the year 1998, this mount have given off the smoke of wedhus gembel which can blister the human being husk. In the form of hot cloud and dirt with the temperature 3000 ยบ C which erupt till height 3000 metre from its top. In the year 1994 hot cloud have killed 66 people in bevel westside energy. Natty Mount become the idol of all climber. devious and tiring transportation get through the precipitous hill become the separate challenge is they which must conquer. Hence, don't surprise if the mount is always visited by climber
Natty Mount can be mounted from South arch Kaliurang regional of Sleman, Yogyakarta or northerly Selo regional of Boyolali or from regional westside Magelang
Pass the Kaliurang
From town yogya drive over to Kaliurang, a mountain area which have cold atmosphere to with the height 1300m. Continued with the transportation;journey go to the Countryside Kimahrejo. To go to the top needed time of about 6 clock. Coming near Natty top is we have to take a care, because often falling stones from top
Pass the Selo, Boyolali
To reach the Natty top, all climber obliged by north melewati band. Besides peaceful, its distance nor so is far compared to by band of is other. The band started from Selo Subdistrict, Boyolali. To come to to this area is easy enough. You can go up the bus of majors Semarang - Solo and descend in Boyolali. From here You can continue with the bus of majors Boyolali - Selo. From or precisely from Orchard Plalangan, You can start the transportation
walkedly is melewati of asphalt pavement go to the natty basecamp climb in hamlet plalangan, countryside Lencoh, Selo subdistrict, regency Boyolali, by pass through over the more or less 1 km from roadway Boyolali-Magelang, added with the public road which menanjak of last for made by warm-up of before climb to Merapi
To atop, only need the time of about 6 clock of while to descend needed by time of about 4 clock. Because time go through the nya enough shorten the, transportation can be started by about at 24.00, so that we arrive the Eagle Top can enjoy the sunrise clearly. Climber can rest basecamp which can accomodate about 50 climber people. Is here made available by a place to sleep the rame-rame. Prepare the water supply of because during our transportation;journey will not meet wellspring
From basecamp of passing our asphalt pavement walk till edge of street pave and will meet the house of joglo Pos1. passing footpath on the left this building is transportation will get through the resident garden which is a lot of cultivated bythe tobacco and kol. Band of a few top but a lot of gravel so that require to beware of in order not to terpeleset
Semi transportation go to the Post 2 in the form of resident garden, semi again we start to enter the precipitous pine forest. This band in the form of land;ground but a lot of gravel so that enough complicate the transportation. Coming near post 2 we start the big melewati amethyst. From 2 Post this our daytime have earned to witness the Gn. Slamet of behind Gn.Sumbing, as well as Gn.Sundoro. visible Mount Merbabu near by and very clear looked to be its bands. Mount Lawu in the distance in eastside see is long
Than Post 2 going to Post 3 band will a lot of precipitous via rock, high wind start felt by very bothering. Use the thick jacket, gauntlet, and face cover, because coldness of wind puff. If/When wishing to rest to look for the gap- interpose the stone which can protect the us from high wind blowing. Our nighttime can witness its shimmer is town Boyolali

From Post 3 going to Market Bubrah, we will deal with the precipitous stones. Here climber have to walk at the same time crawl some precipitous place. Blowing of high wind very felt, impressing prohibit all climber to come near the this Natty Top
In this Market Bubrah there are a[n dale with the amethyst scattering very wide look like a traditional market. It is said, society assume the market mentioned as by market of all lelembut
From determined Market Bubrah climber can continue the climb atop Eagle. Culminate this have destroyed and slide so that very dangerous to do the climb. Besides very precipitous and erosive also high wind blown the no desisting nya. To eliminate the Climber disappointment can continue the climb atop Gn. Kendit residing in to from other side the Eagle Top
From Eagle top, You can see the view amazing, where natty cauldron ahead time eye uninterruptedly the smoke. Visible also, in northside, Mount Merbabu challenging to be conquered. In the cross West and East, Mount of Lawu and Mount Sindoro-Sumbing of like green hillock. If fine weather, view more preoccupying again, because You can see the town of Magelang and Boyolali. its temperature top can reach 5 C until - 8 C
Route Jakarta - Gn.Merapi
1 Jakarta - Solo / Semarang
2 Solo / Semarang - Boyolali
3 Boyolali - Selo ( Pos Desa Lencoh )
4 Pos Selo - Pos 1 Rumah Joglo
5 Pos 1 Rumah Joglo - Pos 2
6 Pos 2 - Pos 3
7 Pos 3 - Pasar Bubrah

Plawangan and Kaliurang

At Natty mountainside, at elbow outspread mountain Pelawangan of dinky town of Kaliurang which have cold atmosphere , what far its is more or less 28 km from town Yogyakarta. Since Epoch of Dutch colonization, this area own the beautiful view, and also own various adequate recreation facility
Nowadays Kaliurang have come to more interesting again as develop;builded and developing of various recreation medium and various other;dissimilar facility, like swimming pool, recreation forest, amusement centre athletic arena and
Villa, bungalow, guesthouse and various lodging medium, what is some among other things own the facility for convention ( have conference the, seminar, meetings, workshop, upgrading) and restaurant. For adolescent circle and boy scout, Kaliurang represent the popular place, because [in] this area is made available also encampment earth, band band explore crosscountry and experienced view and beautiful nature view is which inspire to feel our romantic
When fine weather, happened by the view spektakular residing in about forest of Plawangan and Kaliurang, and green roll beside disappearing into fog horison from Indian Ocean which visible far easily. Best time to see the mount is at the time of sun is just now published before clock 09.00 , when morning sun start to climb for from its back part fog


Located Kaliurang is foothills Pelawangan southward from merapi.sekitar 28 km to is north the than jogja. This area represent place refresing to those who wish to enjoy fresh air his green and is grove. As object tours mountain, Kaliurang offer facility accommodate, villa, bungalow, lodging as does the recreation facility, like swimming pool, tennis court, and the garden play at visited by many people
Kaliurang especially on holiday generally young fellow of like ordinary boy scout camp there. To those who like to climb bank can climb natty through kaliurang. They can spend the night in kaliurang moment start, at dawn climb natty through countryside Kinahrejo and until about malam/sore day. When good weather, Eyesight amazing panorama will blanketed by forest from plawangan and kaliurang, and its green is blue visible rural side even its is Indonesia ocean earn us see. moment most precise to see panorama is morning moment of when sunrise. In Kinahrejo, there is Mbah Marijan who is populair public figure.